Do you know what is going to happen to the Montgomery Village golf course?

  • Monument Realty, a real estate development company in DC, purchased the Montgomery Village golf course and plans to build 598 new units 30 to 80 feet away from existing property lines for an estimated profit of $17.3MM.
  • Village Citizens is an independent group of residents that love our community. We welcome smart growth that benefits our community and that will help Montgomery Village flourish for the next 50 years.
  • We support Vision 2030, including redevelopment of the Village Center, Professional Center, and thoughtful development of the golf course property.
  • In our view, Monument Realty wants to aggressively develop a green space that has been a community asset for the last 50 years.
  • We encourage everyone to participate in the Montgomery Village Master Plan to ensure that the plan reflects the wishes of the community.
  • Update: Monument Realty has submitted an application (PDF) to build 84 town homes (PDF map) on the golf course before the Master Plan is complete. Village Citizens believes that any proposals for redevelopment of the golf course property should be considered after the Master Plan is complete. We believe redevelopment prior to finishing the expedited Master Plan is disrespectful of the planning process, of the Parks and Planning staff, and of the community.

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Master Plan for Montgomery Village

Save the Date: Upcoming Community Planning Meetings

Monday, February 9
7 pm Watkins Mill HS cafeteria
Topic: Residential rezoning, the future of the commercial centers, as well as open spaces and trails within the Village.

Wednesday, February 25
Tentative: 7 pm Watkins Mill HS cafeteria
Topic: To be determined

Why is the Master Plan important?

A Master Plan will ensure that all areas of Montgomery Village are reviewed and that the future growth of our community can be looked at in a thoughtful, holistic manner that ensures a proper, reasonable balance to the many (and sometimes competing) views that exist among community members, County leaders, and property developers.

The County Council has asked the Parks and Planning Commission to develop the first ever master plan focused on Montgomery Village. This will be a year long process, started in October 2014, to develop a set of recommendations for future zoning and development within our community. The Council will review these recommendations and any development in the Village will need to be approved in accordance with the new planning guidelines.

As noted by the Parks and Planning Commission:

Montgomery Village has not been reviewed since the 1985 Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan, nor has it been the subject of a discrete County master plan in the past. Although Montgomery Village was within the boundaries of both the 1971 Gaithersburg Vicinity Master Plan and the 1985 Master Plan, neither plan contains narrative, recommendations or guidance for this community.

When the Planning Department initiated an update to the Gaithersburg Master Plan in 2007, Montgomery Village was originally included within its boundaries. However, with large swaths of land on both sides of I-270 presenting different planning issues and challenges, the Department realized the area was too big to be analyzed effectively. In 2008, the Department divided the large Gaithersburg Master Plan area into two planning efforts – one for the west side of I-270, which became the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan (GSSC) – and one for the east side of I-270 – Gaithersburg East.

In 2014, the County Council directed the Planning Department to further refine the Gaithersburg East plan to have one plan for Montgomery Village and one plan for the remainder of Gaithersburg East. The Council also directed the Planning Director to work efficiently on the Montgomery Village Plan, with the goal of having a draft plan transmitted to the Council within 12 months of the plan start date.

Learn more about the Montgomery Village Master Plan.

Important Facts

We Support Smart Growth

One of the keys to revitalizing Montgomery Village is to redevelop the Village Center. Per the Vision 2030, it would be prudent to reserve a portion of the population credits to permit a mixed development of residential and commercial properties. All stakeholders must keep this in mind as we consider other potential plans within the Village.

Town Sector Zoning

Montgomery Village is classified as a town sector zone which places strict population caps and limits development. Our town sector zone was approved in 1965 and is set to expire in 2015. As outlined in the Vision 2030 plan, we have several ideas for how the community can move forward. We hope that Monument Realty can be a part of making our community vision a reality. We appreciate Monument's efforts to involve the community and hope to continue a productive dialog with them going forward. We hope they can come up with a plan that allows them to develop portions of their property while respecting the needs of our community.

Adding Homes Without Adding HOA Revenue

Any houses built on the golf course would not automatically be a part of the Montgomery Village Homeowners Association. This means new homes would not contribute to HOA dues nor would they be be subject to our architectural review standards. We think any homes added in the heart of our community should become a part of our community and have to play by the same rules.

Buildable Area

Developable Area

The golf course is 147 acres, but due to the power lines and the 100-year flood plain, only 59 acres could potentially be developed (noted in yellow). These areas back up to Fairidge, Fairway Island, Greentee, Clubhouse, Arrowhead, and Thomas Choice.

View Latest Development Plans

You can view the latest development concept plans at Monument Realty's website

Timeline of Events

The sale of the golf course to Monument Realty occurred with a bit of legal drama. Village Citizens has obtained public court records of the proceedings and we tried to summarize the timeline of events based on these records. The most interesting thing that we found is that Monument submitted evidence to the court of a plan for building 250 single family/town homes and 300 multi-family units with an estimated profit of $17.3MM (PDF - page 5). This provides a helpful benchmark for understanding what Monument believes they stand to gain or lose based on the number of units that are ultimately built on the property.

About Village Citizens

Village Citizens was started by a group of Montgomery Village residents on Duffer Way who are concerned about the future of our community. We are in favor of a thoughtful Master Planning process which considers all of the needs of the community. We support smart growth of the community and are working to ensure that any future development focuses on community needs, not developers' profit margins.

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Want to learn more? Read the Vision 2030 plan created by residents and the MVF several years ago, go to HOA meetings, attend community meetings about the golf course development, and participate in the Montgomery Village Master Plan.

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